Our Mission

The Kiss RNA Lab is an inclusive and collaborative group that seeks to better understand fundamental mechanisms in RNA biology and apply those insights into generating novel RNA therapeutics. Generally speaking, the basic science research interests of the lab lie in the changes that occur in the RNA molecular biology of cells as they regulate gene expression in response to stress and how changes in the regulation of gene expression can contribute to cancers. We leverage RNA molecular biology tools with both specialized and traditional RNA sequencing approaches combined with long-read sequencing to elucidate how these RNA-mediated changes occur.

We have been generating and testing novel RNA therapy designs for different indications since mid 2018. We currently have several projects testing different types of RNA therapeutics in some stage of development and we have developed a novel method to produce circular RNA (circRNA) in vitro. The lab is currently continuing to advance our circRNA technology and apply it to vaccines (COVID-19, TB, and Mpox), different cancers, and even genetic diseases. In addition to our circRNAs we also testing a second class of novel RNA as a treatment for glioblastoma multiforme.

Updated September 4, 2023.